In May 2017, Sabrina Brennan and her cousin Jasmine Curcio traveled to Sacramento to attended the California Democratic Convention. Jasmine is a student at UC Davis studying environmental science and Sabrina is a San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner, SMCDCC member, and CDP delegate.

It was Jasmine's first political convention and she had questions. At lunch she asked Sabrina, “As a progressive activist, is it more effective to work from outside the party or from within the party?”

Sabrina Brennan Jasmine Curcio Kimberly Ellis

Sabrina said, “I find it important to do both simultaneously. Environmental policies will continue to be rolled back and progressive issues will be sidelined indefinitely if we don't flip congressional districts from red to blue. Working with nonpartisan groups like Indivisible and Resist is an effective way to achieve shared goals and move progressive issues forward. Priority number one is kicking Republicans out of the house in 2018.”

On Sunday, May 21, 2017, Sabrina returned home from the state convention. That evening she met with friends at Tres Amigos in Half Moon Bay and together over fish tacos they founded the Coastside Progressive Democrats.

Join us in bringing Coastside Progressive Democrats and our allied partners together to work on the following priorities:

  • Honest and transparent government
  • Equal and inclusive opportunity and justice for all Americans
  • Voting rights and election integrity
  • Income equality and a living wage
  • Protecting our natural environment and wildlife
  • Clean energy and preservation of our natural resources
  • Clean water and clean air
  • Immigrant rights and protections
  • Racial justice
  • Public education and free college tuition
  • Single-payer healthcare
  • Affordable housing
  • Women's rights, reproductive freedom, and equal pay
  • LGBT rights and marriage equality
  • Protecting the welfare of infants, children, and seniors
  • Restorative juvenile justice
  • Disability rights and protections
  • Regulating gun ownership
  • Free speech and internet privacy
  • Restoring Democracy and removing big money from politics

We support mobilizing voters at the local level. Please join us!