All committee Chairs shall report the activities of their committees at each Board Meeting, in person or by written report. Each Board member shall serve on at least one standing committee. 

Membership & Program

Responsible for increasing the membership, planning membership meetings, and membership activities

Plan Next General Membership Meeting/Event/Training

  • James
  • Beth

Endorsements & Candidate Development

Responsible for candidate training, candidate outreach/communications, organize endorsement interviews, and organize endorsement meetings.

  • Sabrina
  • Ed

Outreach & Communications

Responsible for informing the public and membership about CPD news and activities. Develop and maintain the CPD website and social media accounts. Publish CPD newsletters and email blasts. Responsibilities include developing content, design, and distribution.

  1. Branding & Signage 
  2. Publish CPD Newsletter: content, design, and email list
  3. Social media updates
  • James
  • Dan
  • Beth
  • Brent


Financial oversight, develop a yearly CPD budget, review Controller reports, review fundraising plan produced by the President and Vice-President.

  • Bud