Please checkout our inaugural board agenda and email for the meeting address. 


Board Meeting Minutes

Pre-Meeting General Discussion

In Summary—Action Items:

  1. Send a letter from CPD to the city council regarding our observations about the SAM situation. 
  2. Read bylaws. The process by which an org can resolve conflicts without relying on individual opinion in the heat of the moment. Suggest amendments or changes. Bylaws give the organization the rules on which it wants to operate.
  3. Meetings video recorded? Beth and Dayla to draft guidelines for filming meetings.
  4. Mission/Vision statement -- welcome to draft your own and bring your mission statement or sketch of ideas
  5. Local Issues? -- bring 'em
  6. Budgets and costs ideas? email Bud  
  7. Logo? Ideas / sketches / fusilli sculptures
  8. Selfie Activism -- If you go to an event (activism) selfie (try to catch an event logo or bigshot in a photograph with you), and then send the image to James to upload to Instagram / Twitter / Facebook (Dayla has images from Jackie's event?)
  9. Sabrina to send email with all email addresses

To post to CPD Twitter / Instagram / Facebook, contact James

Thank you Mark Hubbell for contributing photos to the CPD Facebook page!


The Meeting—About (more or less) those in attendance:

  • Beth -- film, writer, photog, has not been previously involved in political activism 
  • Brent -- San Mateo County Election Integrity Committee Chair; Open source election mastermind 
  • Bud -- builds and designs homes, wants to be change agent at the local level
  • Dayla -- FilmMaker, friend, activist, interested in the ability to influence opinion through her work
  • Ed -- previously chaired Surfrider Foundation; SMC Harbor Commission; Committee for Green Foothills environmental protection, think globally act locally, also knows Espagnol; married to Mary 
  • Glenn -- Writer, yelling at tv no longer satisfying
  • James -- Occupy movement activist, wants to make change
  • Mary -- Wants to protect marine reserve and the water, believes group effort is key; Married to Ed
  • Sabrina -- Landslide problem brought her into politics. MidCoast Community Council, SMC Harbor Commission

Email addresses for attendees:


Review Bylaws:

Bylaws are the group's operating rules and processes by which it can resolve conflicts without relying on individual opinion. Suggest amendments or changes. 


Three new board members:

Nine total board members to-date


Elect Officers (One year term):

Officers must sit on at least one committee.

  • President - Sabrina / majority vote
  • VP - James / majority vote
  • Secretary - Beth & Glenn / majority vote
  • Controller - Bud (he just likes how it sounds) / majority vote

Sabrina communicated with Dan Haggerty and he expressed that he does not want to be an officer on the board.


Membership Dues (Annual):

  • $1 -- under 18
  • $10 -- student/senior/non-voting
  • $20 -- regular & voting members


Board Meetings

Suggested dates are:

  • 1st Monday
  • 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • 2nd Thursday


Future Agenda Topics

Subject for next board meeting

  • Mission/Vision -- welcome to draft your own and bring your mission statement or sketch of ideas
  • Goals for 2017/2018
  • Robert's rules -- meeting rules / Rosenberg's rules of order 
  • The Brown Act
  • Committee updates

VIDEO—Roberts Rules


VIDEO—Brown Act


Zuma Dogg makes the point that the public is NOT required to provide thier name when making public comment at public meetings. 


The public IS allowed to attend and videotape ALL public meetings. 

What happens when the public is locked out of a public meeting on public housing. Warning: This is a disturbing video.



Committees (this is what you said you'd do):

  • Outreach & Comms -- Dayla, Brent, James, Beth, Glenn
  • Membership & Program -- James, Beth
  • Finance -- thoughts on budgets and costs, email Bud 
  • Endorsements & Candidate Development -- Sabrina, Bud, Ed (Bud suggests advocacy for issues be included -- this may require an amendment in bylaws, according to James)


Democratic Central Committee Update

  • Aug 12 -- Sizzling Resistance Fundraisers (fund the SMC DEM campaign headquarters)
  • Sabrina: Each chartered club must represent. Sabrina and Brent will table at the event. Sabrina will have banner. Gay pride flag. Dan may supply healthcare. Brent election integrity banner (no). (Ed and Mary may consider supporting, also)
  • Bud: Should we create a liaison to the SMC Democratic Central Committee? (James DCC)


Upcoming Events

Aug 3 @ Grape in the Fog (Pacifica, at Rockaway) Sister district support. You must pre-register and pre-pay.

  • $15 or $25

Past Events

July 4th Parade

  • Pride
  • Immigration
  • Single-Payer

July 19 Healthcare Town Hall in Pacifica 

  • A successful takeover through organized (and well dressed) distribution of S.B. 562 signs and flyers (there appeared to be support for Canadian healthcare system



  • James on how to leverage events: Join events and augment the message at another event -- as opposed to hosting our own events. 
  • Bud: Our website should list other events, encourage members to attend and photograph selves at event.  If you go somewhere send an image so we can say we were there.
  • All: We need a sign/symbol/recognizable logo/flag.



  • Beth and Dayla to draft guidelines for filming meetings.
  • Dayla can film meetings as needed or requested. 


Election Integrity --

  • Brent: To have a functional democracy you need a proper vote count. We currently can't secure the vote count. Open Source Software (software code that anyone can look at) provides transparency by removing the corporate controls inherent in proprietary software. New Hampshire has moved toward these systems. SF has allocated funds (Mayor Lee and the elections board are happy with this). The ideais to advocate for a public vs. corporate interest / party interest approach to account for votes. 
  • Bud: This should be distilled to a very simple message that we can pass along.


Lightning Round
Closing announcements/conversation.