San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee

“No Endorsement” in the 2018 Sheriff's Race

Appointed Sheriff Carlos Bolanos

Appointed Sheriff Carlos Bolanos

Burlingame, CA - On Thursday evening, April 19, 2018, the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee (SMC DCC) voted to make “No Endorsement” in the San Mateo County sheriff's race.

Operation Dollhouse

Before the endorsement vote DCC members discussed “Operation Dollhouse.” On April 21, 2007 police raided eight homes and apartments in Las Vegas. That night, Carlos Bolanos and Greg Munks were caught in an FBI sting on a brothel of trafficked women from Southeast Asia, at least one of whom was a minor. At the time Bolanos was SMC Undersheriff and Munks was SMC Sheriff. The two were held at gunpoint, handcuffed, detained, and later released without consequences. 

View this Channel 5 news segment from 2007, at the brothel where Bolanos and Munks were caught patronizing trafficked women and at least one minor.


An August 2007 report, funded by a grant from the United States Department of Justice, "Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking - Las Vegas, Nevada" cites that minors were located at the brothel where Bolanos and Munks were detained in an FBI sting. The Report talks about Bolanos and minors, the screenshot below is a section of page 9. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.35.11 AM.png

For more info contact Terri Miller, head of SESAME, which educates the public on sexual assault of children, who was at the jail when the trafficked girls were brought in from the brothel where Carlos Bolanos and Greg Munks were found. A 15 year old trafficked minor was "terrified."

Culture of Retaliation

In 2014, then-deputy Juan Pablo Lopez took on then-sheriff Greg Munks, within a year he had been arrested twice and charged with conspiracy in connection with a jail inmate having access to a cellphone, and with violations of election law, including perjury. In January 2018, a judge dismissed the conspiracy and perjury charges, but Lopez still faces several election law-related charges, with a trial set for May 14, 2018. Lopez's attorneys describe his case as retaliation by county officials over his run for sheriff.


In 2016, when the SMC Board of Supervisors appointed Bolanos to sheriff, there were a couple of notable complaints. Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo - both former county supervisors - co-signed a letter saying they knew of people in law enforcement who would have competed for the job, and that the incumbency bequeathed to Bolanos would leave competitors "severely disadvantaged" in an election.

“No Endorsement” 

In 2018, DCC endorsement vote was unanimous in favor of NO endorsement, aside from a few voting members who abstained. [Most who abstained were proxies for Congressional and State representatives. However, Jackie Speier's proxy Brian Perkins voted yes to support the motion for NO endorsement.]



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